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Introduction to courses for the programmers with experience


These courses are intended for those who are overloaded from morning to night with development of SW, who are dealing with specific a pretty old environment and usually don't have time to follow the crazy temp of appearing new popular technologies, who are interested to know what happens in the HiTech industry and who are thinking about future opportunities.

If you belong to this category, Tel-Ran offer to you the following courses:

  • J2EE. (70 hours). The modern technologies under J2EE umbrella strongly take place in the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Today SOA is an integrated part of the Telecommunication applications with possibility to develop separated services with no knowing Telecommunication protocols. Using J2EE a few people are able to create a killing application for very big Telecommunication companies – Service Providers of all over the world
  • Java for C++ programmers (70 hours). Java is one of the most popular multi platform languages. For new comers in the programming I'd recommend to start from C++ as this beautiful and powerful programming language may bestow the strongest understanding of the programming. However today relying only on C++ is not enough to be competitive on the HiTech job market
  • WEB Programming (70 hours). Today Internet gives a lot of opportunities for applying of a talent in the programming. This course is a possibility to obtain quickly know-how for applying of your experience. It gives step-by-step instructions how to develop end-to-end WEB applications comprising of Graphical User Interface, Server residing on the Internet and Databases.
  • C# for programmers (70 hours). You will be familiar with .Net and C# at the level allowing you to develop distributed applications at the Microsoft Environment
  • Concurrency Patterns (70 hours). For C/C++ and Java programmers gives practical patterns for synchronization of multi thread client server environments. How to avoid deadlocks, how to improve performance and all this will be presented at the background of the main idea of how to provide concurrency.


All courses are delivered by experts who know whatever they teach not from the books and courses but from the every day work. They know the small details which may be valued only by the experienced programmers.

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